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New wireless LED uplighting wedding package


We now offer a lighting package if you’d like to add some color, elegance, and fun to your party. ALL L E D! Maximum brightness, minimum energy waste. Lighting package includes…

4 wireless LED lights to use for uplighting or spotlighting. They can change to any color you want and be placed anywhere to light up walls, trees, tables, ceilings, cake, whatever you want. This product is called chauvet ezpar 64. ezpar

Included in this package would be 4 more LED lights for the band and stage area. This product is called the chauvet 4bar. chauvet 4bar wedding lights

And one more light included would be the chauvet trident. It’s a small light that shoots out 15 beams of color changing light that move around the room. trident
This package is $175. Cheaper than any rental service, and we set it up.

We won the 2014 Couples Choice Award!

Weddings, Wedding VenuesCHILLULA dance party band, Best Wedding Bands in Jacksonville - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner

We are amongst the top %5 for doing what we do. We provide excellent wedding services throughout Florida and the entire southeast U.S. In general, we kick ass.

Mardi Gras 2013 Fat Tuesday event


This Tuesday Febuary 12 we will be performing at the annual Mardi Gras event at Harrys Seafood of St. Augustine. This is a pic of us at last years event.


We’re really focusing on weddings now. We have many weddings coming up in 2013 in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Key West, Savannah and many other awesome places. We also have many more vendor and venue connections so feel free to ask for any wedding advice from us. Don’t forget we have our own DJ. You can’t find many weddings that have a band and a DJ in one night!


Chillula at Clear Channel for the Jacksonville Superfest VIP party

Chillula was one of four bands that was chosen to play at the VIP party for the Jacksonville Superfest. The fest will be April 13-15 at UNF.

click the link below to see some shots from the party

superfest VIP party